Emon: A history of violence, betrayal, and anguish by Deman Trayer

Chapter One: The Tribal War of Gaht

The continent of Emon was founded approximately two thousand seasons before the beginning of recorded history, scholars suggest around 500PC (Pre-Coronation). No one is certain if the Island was inhabited before the arrival of Emon the Bear (of the northern Thrundian province, Gaht), but if it was, the inhabitants were almost certainly wiped out.
This history, while focussing mostly on Emon, originates with the conflicts in Thrind, and in particular, Gaht. Around 502PC, The Warlord Rett scoured the country with his armies, taking over and absorbing other tribes (it is believed at the time that Rett’s tribe partook in canabalistic rituals, making a defeat to him less than desirable). After securing half of Gaht in a matter of seasons, Rett found himself facing a great enemy, that of the armies of the Northern Warlord, Emon the Bear (known for eating raw game). After many clashes and skirmishes, Emon appeared to be winning the war for Gaht, pushing Rett further south. This was in fact a clever ploy by Rett to bolster courage in Emon’s armies, and Emon himself.
At the Canyon of the Dead, Emon, believing himself to soon be victorious, allowed his units to progress ahead of him en masse, lead by the lesser Warleaders. The impetuous army funneled into the canyon, having heard reports that Rett had retreated to his last stronghold in Southern Gaht, Born. All was well, the armies, nearing the end of the canyon run, began cheering. Little did they know they were soon to fall prey to one of the earliest and most horrendous uses of Maejern Pre-Coronation.
p. The forward scouts had been killed or turned, leaving the army unwittingly marching straight into the maw of Rett’s greatest trap and victory. Rocks from the canyon walls were torn away through Saerns, crushing thousands of warriors in an instant. The armies were cut off from behind, from Emon, and his personal army and War Guard. Archers bombarded the armies from all sides, and the remaining Saerns doused the canyon with a heavy rainfall, leaving the armies in boggy ground and hindering their movements.
Rett’s remaining forces charged forward, crushing the terrified army into the rocks behind. The slaughter (of which many a painting can be found in Thrinds museums), which took but hours, left Emon with but a fifth of his forces, and in no position to face Rett. He called the retreat, certain in the fact that at least Rett’s forces would be slowed clearing away the debris from the first set of Saerns. Unfortunately, it was not the case.
Another of Rett’s armies had held back, out of range of Emon’s scouts, and circled around. They waited patiently at the entrance to the canyon. A much smaller force to be sure, but no less threatening when blocking a path but a hundred paces wide. Emon’s War guard lead the assault. Skilled warriors all, they were able to break the front line of the enemy, allowing the army to surge forward and throw them further off balance. Emon, taking a chance on a gap inbetween the enemy forces, rallied his remaining War Guard through, and allowed them to start hacking away at the flanks.
Rett’s army quivered, not expecting a flanking maneuver, no matter how ineffective. While the gap was slowly filled, and Emon’s Guard cut down, the Warlord manage to fight his way through to the rear of the forces. Instead of turning back to attack the enemy, Emon fled, in the knowledge the no matter how they might try to break out of the canyon, doing so was impossible.
Not looking back, Emon fled North, back to Emonar, his home. Fearing the armies of the south would soon be upon him, he called on his tribes to join him in a voyage to the far lands (believed to be cursed by his people, but in fact suffers from intensely powerful storms). Emon’s vessels were more than capable of the task, and between fighting an army or facing a curse, the choice was easy. The tribes soon gathered together, some ten thousand or so, it is thought, and traversed the Anjere Sea.

Chapter Two: Emon’s Young

From here a lot of histories were lost, or at least re-written, to the extent that little is known about the arrival of Emon and his gathering, other than that they stopped on the northern edge of Solas Maear (translates to The Lost Island), now known as Emon’s Rest. The tale of Emon picks up again upon Emon’s bizarre and uncertain demise on the main continent, some 50 years after the tribes left Thrind. Emon and his last partner Hunsha had raised three children upon his demise, Aemon, Emeric and Emilie (it has been speculated that there were more, although their histories are somewhat scattered and untrustworthy). Aemon and Emeric were the first to be born to Emon and Hunsha, although sharing a birthday in no way endeared them to each other. Early Emonon texts refer to them both being brave rebels in their youth, standing up to any injustices bequeathed upon them by their Father and society. As expected, these texts are as reliable as group of geriatric grave-diggers, so they’re taken with a pinch of salt. Only upon Emilie’s age-coming do the histories begin to make sense. Her own personal historian is hired to attempt to take down the truth of Eamon and Emeric in secret, a wise, yet dangerous move…:-

“Never have I lived in such fear for my life, and been so alive. To be writing these histories is an honour which I hope can be preserved, and not left to the controlling habits of Aemon and Emeric, both of whom are known for controlling history itself. The only truth can be found within these pages, and within the disparities among their histories…”

- Grunt Omen, ‘The First of Emon’ (translated by Symon of Canoples) And so, in secret, Emilie and her prestigious historian began to gather together whatever they could learn of her brothers. By this time though. Eamon and Emeric had successfully divided the Emon mainland, and made subjects of all within their borders. Emilie, suspecting herself unsafe from the whims of her brothers, escaped from Aemon. From there she made her way to Solus Maear, fitting in with the colonists who chose to settle at Emon’s Rest instead of the mainland. From here she set up Emon’s Axe, the first focussed espionage network on the continent. Mysteries began unraveling before their eyes. Emon the Bear had in fact been killed by both his sons in a spate of patricidal greed. Upon hearing this, Emilie faked her death (not difficult, since her brothers didn’t even know she’d left the continent), and struck out across Solus Maear in an attempt to further colonise the island under the pseudonym Ocule (olden speak for ‘Lost’). Heading south, she followed the Lengths around the Iron ranges, following them down to the south coast, where she began settling Ocule, one of Solus Maear’s most prominent cities.


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